Jessie Li


PhD in Computer Science

I obtained my PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Professor at Penn State

I was a professor with tenure at Pennsylvania State University

Nonprofit Organization

I am now directing a nonprofit organization Yunqi Academy of Engineering in Hangzhou

Cross-Disciplinary Research

Data revolutionizes all research fields. I have collaborated with data-driven researchers in transportation, environment, crime, ecology, and social science. I develop computational techniques to release the power of data.

City Brain

Can we use 10% of the public resources today to support city development in the future?
At Yunqi Academy of Engineering, I conduct and organize city brain open research.
We are developing computational techniques to utilize data resources to solve the real-world problems in the city.

Open Research Platform

At Yunqi Academy of Engineering, we are building open research platform aiming to provide the foundation for data-driven research. The platform is built on a powerful cloud computing infrastructure.